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South East High School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Regular Day

    (59 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30  

    Period 1             7:30-8:29 

    Passing               8:29-8:34   

    Period 2             8:34-9:33  

    Passing               9:33-9:38   

    Period 3           9:38-10:37 

    Lunch             10:37-11:12

    Passing           11:12-11:17

    Period 4         11:17-12:16

    Passing           12:16-12:21 

    Period 5           12:21-1:20

    Passing               1:20-1:25

    Period 6             1:25-2:24

    Professional Development Day

    (44 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30 

    Period 1             7:30-8:14 

    Passing               8:14-8:19   

    Period 2             8:19-9:03  

    Passing               9:03-9:08   

    Period 3             9:08-9:52 

    Lunch               9:52-10:27 

    Passing           10:27-10:32 

    Period 4         10:32-11:16 

    Passing           11:16-11:21 

    Period 5         11:21-12:05   

    Passing           12:05-12:10   

    Period 6         12:10-12:54 


    Advisory Day (Wednesday)

    (53 Minute Periods, Advisory Period: 31 Minutes)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:23 

    Passing               8:23-8:28  

    Period 2             8:28-9:21

    Passing               9:21-9:26  

    Advisory            9:26-9:57

    Period 3         10:02-10:55

    Lunch             10:55-11:30

    Passing           11:30-11:35

    Period 4         11:35-12:28 

    Passing           12:28-12:33

    Period 5           12:33-1:26

    Passing               1:26-1:31

    Period 6             1:31-2:24

    Shortened Day

    (48 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:18

    Passing               8:18-8:23

    Period 2             8:23-9:11

    Passing               9:11-9:16

    Period 3           9:16-10:04

    Lunch             10:04-10:34

    Passing           10:34-10:39

    Period 4         10:39-11:27

    Passing           11:27-11:32

    Period 5         11:32-12:20

    Passing           12:20-12:25

    Period 6           12:25-1:13

    Minimum Day

    (37 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:07 

    Passing               8:07-8:12

    Period 2             8:12-8:49

    Passing               8:49-8:54

    Period 3             8:54-9:31

    Lunch               9:31-10:01

    Passing           10:01-10:06

    Period 4         10:06-10:43

    Passing           10:43-10:48

    Period 5         10:48-11:25 

    Passing           11:25-11:30

    Period 6         11:30-12:07

    School Begins 8/20/2019


    The first day of the 2019 - 2020 school year is Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  All students, unless last minute enrollees, can view their schedules on Schoology.  The day will begin with Homeroom where students will receive their program, thus students must report first thing in the morning once the bell rings to their homeroom.  There will be boards posted with homeroom information as needed as well as staff on hand to assist all students.  Welcome to the incoming Class of 2023, returning Classes of 2021 and 2022 and to our senior class, the Class of 2020!  Have an outstanding year everybody!  Go Jaguars!

    Principal's Message


    Dear South East HS Community,

    I am very humbled and honored to introduce myself as your new principal and am excited to join this excellent school community. I arrive at South East High School as a seasoned LAUSD educator and graduate. The 2019-20 school year will mark my 22nd year in education. My capacities have increased as a math teacher, football & track coach, athletic director, testing coordinator, dean, and assistant principal. 


    Although I am an educator, I am also a proud father and husband. My three children navigated K-12 with success and are currently enrolled in various California State Universities. I can assure you I share in this school community’s dedication to caring for our students every day while providing them with a meaningful learning environment. I firmly believe that the cooperation between home and school builds trust and self-esteem in students. We will continue to nurture this partnership so that every student has the opportunity to reach his/her highest potential to shape their and our future. 


    To conclude, please know that my door is always open to you. I sincerely welcome your conversation and input during the year. Let us keep our students the primary focus of our work. I cannot wait to meet you all! 


    Enjoy the remaining days of summer!



    Eric Jaimes



    9th Grade Orientation


    The Class of 2023 will be welcomed to South East High School through activities scheduled for Thursday, August 15th beginning at 8:00 am.  They are to report to the gym. Parents will be routed to the auditorium for an overview of the activities their children will be involved in from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Beginning at 12:30 pm various stations will be set up for parents/students to take care of various items, i.e., PE Uniforms, lockers, and any miscellaneous paperwork that might still be pending.  Welcome 9th grade Jaguars to South East!

    hello and goodbye...


    As was announced this past June, Mr. Jesus Nunez has moved on to a new position in Local District East, LAUSD--as the South Gate Community of Schools Administrator.  The school is pleased to welcome as the new principal, Mr. Eric Jaimes.  Mr. Jaimes has been in the District since 1997 having served as teacher and administrator at Franklin High School And Diego Rivera High School.  Other staff members who have moved on and will be sorely missed are: Mr. Barragan (now principal of Orchard Academy MS), Ms. Tinajero (now arts specialist for Local District East), Mr. Cazares (now Social Sciences specialist in the Montebello School District), Ms. K. Nunez, (now at Elizabeth Learning Center) and Mr. Johns, who retired this summer from teaching.  Good luck to all and farewell.  Thank you for your many contributions to South East High School.