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South East High School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Regular Day

    (59 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30  

    Period 1             7:30-8:29 

    Passing               8:29-8:34   

    Period 2             8:34-9:33  

    Passing               9:33-9:38   

    Period 3           9:38-10:37 

    Lunch             10:37-11:12

    Passing           11:12-11:17

    Period 4         11:17-12:16

    Passing           12:16-12:21 

    Period 5           12:21-1:20

    Passing               1:20-1:25

    Period 6             1:25-2:24

    Professional Development Day

    (44 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30 

    Period 1             7:30-8:14 

    Passing               8:14-8:19   

    Period 2             8:19-9:03  

    Passing               9:03-9:08   

    Period 3             9:08-9:52 

    Lunch               9:52-10:27 

    Passing           10:27-10:32 

    Period 4         10:32-11:16 

    Passing           11:16-11:21 

    Period 5         11:21-12:05   

    Passing           12:05-12:10   

    Period 6         12:10-12:54 


    Advisory Day (Wednesday)

    (53 Minute Periods, Advisory Period: 31 Minutes)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:23 

    Passing               8:23-8:28  

    Period 2             8:28-9:21

    Passing               9:21-9:26  

    Advisory            9:26-9:57

    Period 3         10:02-10:55

    Lunch             10:55-11:30

    Passing           11:30-11:35

    Period 4         11:35-12:28 

    Passing           12:28-12:33

    Period 5           12:33-1:26

    Passing               1:26-1:31

    Period 6             1:31-2:24

    Shortened Day

    (48 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:18

    Passing               8:18-8:23

    Period 2             8:23-9:11

    Passing               9:11-9:16

    Period 3           9:16-10:04

    Lunch             10:04-10:34

    Passing           10:34-10:39

    Period 4         10:39-11:27

    Passing           11:27-11:32

    Period 5         11:32-12:20

    Passing           12:20-12:25

    Period 6           12:25-1:13

    Minimum Day

    (37 Minute Periods)

    Passing               7:25-7:30

    Period 1             7:30-8:07 

    Passing               8:07-8:12

    Period 2             8:12-8:49

    Passing               8:49-8:54

    Period 3             8:54-9:31

    Lunch               9:31-10:01

    Passing           10:01-10:06

    Period 4         10:06-10:43

    Passing           10:43-10:48

    Period 5         10:48-11:25 

    Passing           11:25-11:30

    Period 6         11:30-12:07

    Congratulations Class of 2019

    This year's class has many students continuing on to many colleges and universities, locally and nationally.  The 2019 Salutatorian is Gabriela Abigail Alfaro-Lainez and the Valedictorian is Jennifer De Anda Plasencia.  We will miss this year's class but know they are moving on to bigger and greater things in a world crying out for fresh new ideas and answers.  Like the prior graduating classes, the Class of 2019 is the latest group of sons and daughters of our school for whom all teachers, counselors, administrators and staff wish only the very best as they move ahead.  We are proud of you!  Congratulations Class of 2019!

    Loaner Gowns Due 6/10/19 @ 10:00 am in the Gym

    Graduates who "borrowed" the (loaner) gown are to return it on Monday, June 10th between 10:00 am and 10:45 am.  Upon confirmation of gown return, they will receive their diploma.  Students who bought the gown will simply check in with their counselor between 10:00 and 10:45 am and receive their diploma.  Counselors per small school will be set up in the gym during this timeframe.

     Afterwards, gowns will be submitted directly to the Student Store and they will receive a confirmation to take to their specific counselor.  Please remember that whether purchased or borrowed, graduates keep the cap and tassel.

    June 10th is the counselors last day until June 19th when summer school opens.  A counselor will be on hand then.

    The gowns must be shipped back to Herff Jones, the vendor, by the end of the day, this Friday, June 14, 2019.  It is best to return gown by June 10th. 

    Thank you.

    Thank You Mr. Nunez

    It is with gratitude that the many lives touched by Mr. Nunez these past five years wish to send him off with the best hopes in his new position as Community of Schools Administrator for the South Gate area schools.  This encompasses Early Education Centers, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools.  Thank you for five marvelous schools that saw so many improvements in academic gains, infrastructure improvements, and a leadership vision that can be summarized in the words: Si se puede! A fond farewell and a hearty congratulations to you from all  Jaguars, past and present.