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VAPA Admin

VAPA Administrator

  Almasol Herrera Assistant Principal
8/18/13 1:51 AM
5/22/12 1:41 PM
5/16/13 2:57 PM
1/28/13 11:27 AM
11/7/13 9:01 PM
11/9/11 5:02 PM
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11/9/11 3:59 PM
10/8/11 11:10 PM
9/27/13 4:53 PM
2/21/12 8:17 PM
2/27/12 9:09 PM
4/25/12 2:15 PM
4/5/13 10:51 AM
2/27/12 9:11 PM
8/12/19 9:19 PM
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2/21/12 7:43 PM
3/7/14 9:36 PM
11/9/11 4:59 PM
1/22/13 10:21 PM
9/30/13 9:59 AM
11/28/12 11:12 PM
12/1/11 2:35 PM
1/23/13 10:10 AM
11/7/13 9:01 PM
1/28/13 2:56 PM
9/25/20 2:45 PM
1/28/13 2:40 PM

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The Visual and Performing Arts Small School (VAPA) throughout history, societies and cultures have been defined through the arts. It is therefore the mission of  The Complex’s Visual and Performing Arts Small School to identify and nurture the artistic instincts within every one of our small school members. Our aim is to provide a holistic education by combining a rigorous academic curriculum within a variety of artistic disciplines to prepare our students to become lifelong learners

This school is for the creative,  artistic and expressive student interested in learning, collaborating, performing  and creating, through a rigorous arts focused curriculum.

The school of Visual And Performing Arts offers a rigorous, comprehensive arts  education program with three modes of instruction:

1. Subject-centered arts instruction in performing arts (music, choir, theatre) and the visual arts (drawing, painting, studio art, design).

2. Arts instruction connecting the arts disciplines and creating career pathways.

3. Instruction connecting the arts to other core subjects and across the curriculum.

VAPA is a school where students, teachers, parents, and the community work collaboratively to provide the highest quality education possible in the arts, while also preparing students for college and careers through a rigorous academic standards based program.

School of Visual and Performing Arts

VAPA Leads


VAPA Staff

  Lanah BADDOUR English Teacher
  David CORIA Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
  Rene ESPINOZA Mathematics Teacher
  Maria MADRIGAL IEP Coordinator
  Krissia MOLINA Band Teacher
  Kevin PATTERSON Choir Teacher
  Jossimar PORFIRIO-LOPEZ Teacher
  Eric ROMM Teacher
  Nish SPENCER Biology Teacher
  Alex VARELA Mathematics Teacher
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Follow US!



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SEHS VAPA/Fine Arts is a LAUSD "Arts Banner" School