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Summer Bridge

Summer bridge 2018

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For questions regarding our program, please contact:

Contact Silvia Tinajero  Silvia Tinajero Intervention Coordinator

What is Summer Bridge?

Every year we welcome all of our incoming freshmen to the Jaguar Family. During this week, our freshmen connect with many of our student leaders.  Our participating leaders involved in Leadership , Peer College Counselors,  Band, Sports, the Arts and more!


All students participate in five of our workshops on how to become: 

Problem Solvers: Working Cooperatively! 

Responsible Citizens: Graduation & College Now! 

Independent Resilient Individuals: Becoming Leaders !

Disciplined Learners: Striving Towards Self Accountability!

Effective Communicators: Communicating Through Technology!


After the week of workshops, students become more acclimated and more likely to be involved in school clubs and organizations during their four years.