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GIP Grade Improvement Program - Specialized Tutoring



  • GIP is a program that  targets students who are currently receiving a D or F in their current course.
  • GIP gives students a quiet time to study, make-up work, exams and receive academic support.
  • The program is held   after school from 2:35-4:05 in various locations.


If students participate in this program they must log-in via the google link given to them by the GIP teacher so that all students participating are accounted for after school

Please click on the GIP Program Letter below for available courses. 


Contact Silvia TINAJERO  Silvia TINAJERO (323) 568-3400 ex: 3405 Instructional Coach/Intervention/WASC Coordinator

Ms. Tinajero's daily schedule: 

Mon-Tue - p.3,  p. 5, p.6, after school

Wed-Fri - All day, with exception to p. 4