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Jaguars Achieving Graduation (JAG)

How it Works

The JAG Program is designed as a grade improvement option for students to improve their grades and to meet A-G college admission targets. In the JAG Program, targeted students complete 30 hours online with the support of their teacher, the Intervention Coordinator, Academic Counselors and/or the A-G Counselors.


Spring 2020

Students that participate in online JAG will receive new credit. The original grade will still be recorded in the transcripts. 

For questions re: JAG, please talk to your child's Academic Counselor, Ms. Kontolefas or Ms. Flores

Contact David Ayala  David Ayala Counselor
Contact Maribel Flores  Maribel Flores (323) 568-3400 Assistant Principal, SCS
Contact Bonilla Julio  Bonilla Julio Staff
Contact Christina KONTOLEFAS  Christina KONTOLEFAS Instructional Coach/WASC Coordinator
Contact Linda Rivera  Linda Rivera Counselor
Contact Diane Wilson  Diane Wilson Counselor