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If any staff member would like to submit ideas, valuable information or feedback.... please feel free to email Mrs. Parker or Ms. Tinajero.  Also, if you would like to be part of this committee, let us know.

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FSA News

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Cindi Santana Scholarship Recipients 2017-2018

Every year, FSA Members contribute to the Cindi Santana Scholarship Fund through our FSA Membership Dues. We have provided over 14 $500 - $1,000 Scholarships to each student since 2011.


This year's recipients were Isaias Ceballos and Heidi Salas. Kudos to them and good luck as they begin to reach their academic goals in college. 

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FSA Committee
Contact Brenda BARRAGAN  Brenda BARRAGAN Teacher
Contact Esmeralda Castro  Esmeralda Castro Staff
Contact Patricia CORONA  Patricia CORONA Teacher
Contact Maria MADRIGAL  Maria MADRIGAL Teacher
Contact Silvia TINAJERO  Silvia TINAJERO (323) 568-3400 ex: 3405 Instructional Coach/Intervention/WASC Coordinator

2018-2019 Members

Ms. Castro

Ms. Corona

Ms. Galvizo

Ms. Madrigal

Ms. Tinajero