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Attendance Office

Come to School Everyday!
Month of April Perfect Attendance Recognition Ceremony

The Mission of the SEHS Attendance Office

The SEHS Attendance team is ready, willing, and able to work with parents and students throughout the year.  Studies show that students who come to school daily gain more knowledge, earn higher grades, and graduate with a diploma.  When students miss school, they really do miss out!  Ms. Gongora, Pupil Services Attendance Counselor,  helpes to ensure that students attend school.  Mr. Cortes, Assistant Principal, takes pride in the top notch, hard working Attendance Office Staff members who enable and empower SEHS scholars to do their best and be their best!


Please remind your students to clear their absences by picking up an absence card before school, after school, or during lunch. 

Attendance is Important!
Attendance is Important!
2012 Attendance Poster Contest -Winner Brandon Perez!!!
2012 Attendance Poster Contest -Winner Brandon Perez!!!
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Attendance Office Staff
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