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Counseling Office

The Mission of the Counseling Office

The Counseling Office stives to provide the best service possible to students, parents, and staff.  The clerical staff notifies teachers when a parent requests a parent -teacher conference.  The staff also informs counselors when a parent or students wants to meet with the counselor.  Other counseling services include working with student records and student distribution of Daily Worksheets (to monitor daily homework assignments).  The administrator in charge of the Counseling Office is Maribel Flores, Assistant Principal.  Office hours are from 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 

Clerical Staff

Inez Melendez     Sr. Office Technician 

(323) 568-3456

James Silva        Sr. Office Technician 

(323) 568-3455

Contact Maribel Flores  Maribel Flores (323) 568-3400 Assistant Principal, SCS
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Faculty/Staff Locker