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WASC Vision/Mission and PRIDE

PRIDE Individual Posters


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South East opened with 2,728 students in grades 9-11, with plans of expansion to grade 12 within the following year.  As many envisioned programs were in place during the first school year, SEHS applied for its initial accreditation.  This would ensure that its first class of seniors (spring 2007) would have validated credits to attend their desired universities.  In the spring of 2006, South East High School was granted candidacy until spring 2009.


In spring 2009, South East earned a six year WASC accreditation. The Accreditation Team highlighted strengths such as its encouragement of parent participation, professional learning communities, intervention opportunities for students, advanced placement courses offered, interdisciplinary ESLR projects, and its clean campus. Areas of growth included outreach for tardies and truancies, continuity issues with the 4x4 schedule, achievement gap for EL students, and a continuous effort to “raise the bar”


Our WASC action plan is designed using a highly collaborative and transparent model, alternating meetings between home (homogeneous) and focus (heterogeneous) groups. The Leadership Team guides the process throughout. The Leadership Team reviews the plan and WASC recommendations annually and the findings are communicated to all stakeholders. As the team reviews the benchmarks that have been reached and those that remain ahead, the plan will guide our work for each school year as action plan items are implemented.


The Critical Areas of Academic Need have been and continued to be points of reference for the Professional Development Advisory Committee as they plan PD for each year. South East recognizes that the Focus on Learning process is not a stand-alone obligation completed every few years, but rather an integral part of the continuous development of our school. The timeline for developing and writing the actual plan begins more than a year out, allowing sufficient time for reflection, accountability, and problem-solving.


In the spring of 2015, South East High School went through it's second full self-study. SEHS was accredited with a six-year accreditation, with a mid-cycle report/2 day visit in March of 2018. Since the visit, the Leadership Team has continued to review and guide  WASC recommendations,  Critical Areas of Need and Action Plan by meeting with stakeholders. 



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