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Cal State Placement Exam

If you are considering attending a California State University next Fall, you must show proof that you are college ready in English and Math. 

You DO NOT have to take the English Exam if you:

 1. Scored 500 or above on the SAT critical reading section

 2. Scored 22 or above on the ACT English test

 3. Scored a 3 or above on the AP Language/Comp exam

 4. Are considered "Ready for College-level English" based on EAP results on the CST (back side left hand corner).

5.  Scored "Conditional in  English" and pass AP English Literature with a C or better.


You do not have to take the Math Exam if you:

1. Scored 550 or above on the SAT Math section/SAT Subject Test in Math levels 1 or 2

2. Scored a 23 on the ACT Math test

3. Scored a 3 or above in the AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, or AP Statistics exam

4. Are considered "Ready for College Level math " based on  EAP results on the CST (back side left hand corner).

5. Scored  "Conditionally ready for College level Math"  and pass Trigonometry, Statistics or Calculus with a C or better your senior year. 


If you took the Early Assessment Program (EAP) test as part of the state exam, you may be exempt from taking the Cal. State university placement exam. To access your results go to:


The CSU Math Success website has many different services. It can provide you with:

         1. Your Early Assessment Program (EAP) results

         2. Entry Level Math (ELM) Exam preparation and help

         3. An e-learning course for ELM. If your EAP math status indicates that you are "Ready for CSU College Level Math Courses-Conditional" and you are NOT taking math this year, you should go here  to complete an e-learning course that would satisfy the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)  requirement so you could avoid taking costly remedial math courses at CSU over the summer or taking the ELM (Entry Level Math) test. The cost is $45.00. The fee may be waived for low-income applicants.


If you applied to a California State University and your are not college ready in English & Math,   

you must register to take the placement exams as soon as possible.

  Please note:

 1. You may take the exam at any Cal. State campus and it will be valid at all CSU's.

 2. To register for placement exams go to

 3. Each exam is $18.00 and you must pay with a credit card or electronic check when you register.

4. The test will determine your college placement level in English and Math classes so it is important 

    to prepare for them.


To access ELM & EPT exam preparation  tools such as practice exams, please go to:

a. Math

b. English



For test dates go to


All Seniors should join Edmodo to be frequently updated on important information regarding the College Center!

Senior Code: g38aw1


Congratulations on your acceptance into college! Now, DON’T BLOW IT!
YOU MUST maintain your grades!
YOU WILL have your admission revoked if you do not keep your GPA STRONG!
You are close to the finish line! Keep up the good work, stay in touch with your colleges, and by all means, KEEP YOUR GRADES UP!
If you are worried or have any questions at all about this, come to the College Center. We are here to help.


If so, you must notify each campus (except if you have received a denial letter) of any A-G courses that you have either added or dropped. You may want to check with me to be sure. For example, Journalism and Band both need to be reported because they are a G and an F respectively.