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This is for all students who have taken the PSAT (about twelve 9th graders have taken this test plus all 10th and 11th graders). If you have not yet made your College Board account, please see the attachment for some very important details about making your account. Read it VERY carefully to avoid many problems in the future such as not being able to get your financial aid. After you have made your account, go to college and check out your answers. Learn why you missed the ones you missed so you can start preparing for the SAT. This is a wonderful way to raise your SAT scores. Please take advantage of it!


All Juniors should join Edmodo to be frequently updated of important information regarding the College Center.

Junior Code: 8w4adt


Along with the questions for the CSTs will be 15 extra EAP English questions and 15 extra EAP math questions. Please take these tests very seriously by preparing for them. Here are the websites for you to use: and Use all of the free resources. If you pass these EAP sections, you will be ready to go in your senior year and you won't have to worry that you may not pass them.

I have listed below the different ways you can study. You can find all of these on the website.
Live Online Math Tutoring ($10-$50)
10 Online ELM Practice Problems (free)
50 Online ELM Practice Problems (free)
Printed Sample ELM Problems (free)
Online Math Videos (free)

For the English, go to You will find online and PDF practice tests. These are free. They include detailed score reports which I would review very carefully after you have graded your practice tests.