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Edgenuity Mentors
  Juan CARRERA Mathematics Teacher/Assistant Athletic Director

Edgenuity Online

What are Edgenuity Virtual Courses? These are courses offered online with the vendor providing the appropriately credentialed teacher. Virtual courses may be used for original credit or as an option for credit recovery. These courses are ideal for students needing a course that is not offered at their school site or are unable to include a specific class into their regular schedule (master schedule outliers). These courses are NCAA approved. 

South East offers:

Two Edgenuity Labs:

  • Offered before the school day with Mr. Carrera (B208)
  • Offered during the school day during period 2 with Mr. Coria (B201)


  • Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores needing to recover 1-2 courses
  • Must be referred to by your Academic Counselor 
  • Please see your Academic Counselor for paperwork

For more information please contact Mr. Carrera 


3/11/19 9:56 AM
7/29/17 12:03 AM
3/6/19 2:17 PM
8/19/20 1:00 PM