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  Francisco Huerta Assistant Principal
  Steve RAMIREZ Intervention Coodinator/Baseball Coach
  Alex Adams Intervention Coordinator
  Adam Barajas Staff
  Maria Gonzales Staff
  Jason Hicks Boys Basketball Coach/Campus Aide
  Francisco Huerta Assistant Principal
  Hancel Pacheco School Climate Coach
  Luis Salinas Campus Aide
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Students who break the Personal Electronics Policy and/or Cell Phone Policy may have the item(s) confiscated and held in the Deans’ Office or by an administrator. Students who do not owe any detention hours and have proper identification will be able to claim their item after-school on Wednesdays only.  Parents wishing to pick up the item are requested to make an appointment with Mr. Lopez, the Dean to review their student’s detention, attendance and grades. The Deans’ Office can be reached at (323) 568- 3499.


Personal Electronics Policy:                        

Students may not use                                                                                  

  • Electronic devices to play music, video record, play gaming apps                                                                      
  • Cell Phone Policy:                                                     
  • Cell phones MUST BE TURNED OFF during school hours                       
  • Emergency calls can be made in the Main Office
  • Cell phones that interrupt the instructional program may be confiscated by the teacher.  The teacher may submit the item to the Deans’ Office and/or request a parent conference.            

School Safety/Discipline



Students cannot leave the campus until the end of the instructional day without the permission of a parent, an administrator or the health office.

Clearing Detentions Owed for Tardies

Students who owe detention can make them up in several ways

  1. On Wednesdays in the Auditorium during lunch. (Clears 1 Detention)
  2. Campus Beautification through approval by administrator. (Clears 2 Detentions)
  3. Use your Jaguar Bucks. (3 Jaguar Bucks clears 1 Detention)
  4. Other options available per administrator/student arrangement. 

Students with 10 or more detentions owed may be excluded from school extra-curricualr activities.


Dress to Impress but Avoid the Following

School attire  and appearance should not be disruptive to the educational program. Students deviating from the accepted standards are referred to the Dean’s Office for further consequences, including confiscation of inappropriate attire and a phone call home to parents so that they bring a suitable change of clothes.

Hats and Hair Accessories:

  • Students are not permitted to wear hair curlers, hairnets, head scarves, bandanas (and/or farmer scarves on the wrist or hand), doo rags, and weave caps     
  • Students are not permitted to wear nor have in his/her possession baseball hats (caps) in or outside of school buildings
  • School hats/beanies can be worn outside of the school buildings



  • Students are not permitted to wear mini dresses, skirts, biker shorts, short shorts, or ripped jeans/pants, especially those exposing the thigh area.
  • Other unacceptable attire include sheer tops, muscle shirts, low-cut tops, pajamas and blouses that do not cover belly buttons
  • For students safety open toe shoes are not permitted (ie. Chinese slippers or flip flops)
  • Hooded Sweaters may be worn on campus but hoods must be off at all times for identification of students if necessary
  • Gender denigrating images or slogans

Suspected Gang related apparel:

            The following attire will be deemed as gang attire and so will be forbiddenThey include:                

  • Un-tucked white t-shirts (unless 2 inches under belt)                     
  • Sagging trousers. Pants are to be worn at the waist or at the hip.
  • Specific sports gear and bandanas                 
  • In Memory Of/Nicknames printed jackets, shirts, blouses, etc.           
  • Blue, Black, or Red coordinated clothes, shoelaces and belt

Tattoos and Piercings:

  • Students should not have any tattoos visible
  • Piercings that interfere with instructional program, must be removed

Jaguar Pride:

Arrive on Time!

Students are expected to arrive to school on time before the 7:30 a.m. tardy bell. 


After 3 late arrivals during Period One, students will be assigned one detention by the administration.


Excessive and repetitive late arrivals can result in the loss of participation in extracurricular events.


Responsible Jaguars plan ahead so they are in their seats before the tardy bell.

Child Abuse Reporting

All school employees are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse.  If you suspect child abuse, you MUST report it to the appropriate agency and complete the correct form. Refer to LAUSD Bulletin-1347.0 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements in the Main Office or on the LAUSD website.

California Penal Code, Section 11166 (b) Provides:

Any child care custodian, medical practitioner, non-medical practitioner, or employer of a child protective agency who has knowledge of or who reasonably suspects that mental suffering has been inflicted on a child or his or her emotional well-being is endangered in any other way, may report such suspected instance of child abuse to a child protective agency.

California Penal Code, Section 1172 (b) provides:

Any person who fails to report an instance of child abuse which he or she knows to exist or reasonably should know to exist, as required by this article, is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by confinement in the county jail for a term not to exceed six months, or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or both.


For the purpose of these laws, child abuse includes, but is not limited to, physical injury, sexual assault, mental abuse and/or general neglect.


Consequences for Non-compliance:

If you do not comply with the policy, you may be subject to school district disciplinary action and personal, professional, civil and or criminal liability.



 Below is a quick summary of the steps to be taken:


  1. If you hear about, or witness child abuse, you must call the Child Abuse Hotline immediately.  You cannot keep the information confidential.  Do not expect the counselor, school psychologist, social worker, or nurse to file the report for you.  They will be happy to assist you, but you are the Mandated Reporter.


  1. Prior to calling, you must have all of the child’s personal information.  If you do not, you can go to the Counseling Office and request it from one of the clerks.


  1. Make sure that you have the name of the mother (this is how reports are filed.).  Check to see that the information is current, especially the home address and phone number.


  1. Be prepared to provide a summary of what the student told you, including time frame, and any past incidents of abuse.


  1. Call the Child Abuse Hotline (800) 540 – 4000, stating that you are a Mandated Reporter.  Give the school address and phone number, and make note of the time of your call.  The Hotline will tell you if you need to call the local police department (where the abuse took place) instead of reporting the abuse to them.


  1. When calling the Hotline, write down the name of the person who takes the report, and the 19-digit reference number you are given.


  1. About half an hour after calling in the report to the Child Abuse Hotline, you will file on-line at the Department of Children and Family Services web site:


  1. Click on the left hand side of the screen where it says: “For Mandated Reporters Only”, to file your report.  To log on, you need the 19 digit reference number you were given.


  1. Before closing the site, make sure that you have printed out your Child Abuse Report.


  1. FOR CHILD ABUSE REPORTS TO THE POLICE ONLY:  If you are instructed by the Hotline to call the police, you will fill out a paper report which you can obtain from any administrator.  Note the name of the officer and their badge number.  You will not be filing on-line.


  1. Whether you file with the Hotline or the police, you will need three copies:

-       one for you records (proof that you have fulfilled your legal and ethical obligations)

-       one for School Administrator's confidential file

-       one for the district – to be sent through school mail to:

LAUSD Child Abuse Unit

Office of the General Counsel

20th Floor

Beaudry Building