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Thank you to the parents who participated in our workshop, "Goal Setting for Parents" during the Summer Bridge held June 13-16 and participating in your child's educational future! 

¡Gracias a los padres que participaron en el "Taller de Padres para Establecer Metas" durante el Puente de Verano del 13 al 16 de junio y que participaron en el futuro educativo de su hijo / a!


Sincerely/Sinceramente  Ms. Tinajero (Instructional Coach/Intervention Coordinator)


Summer Bridge - Parent Goals Workshop/ Puente de Verano - Taller de Padres "Estableciendo Metas" 7/16/2017


The main goal of the PTSA is to support the school in providing supplementary services and programs that the school would not normally be able to provide due to funding or compliance issues. The PTSA provided funds for several programs including student incentives such as movie tickets for perfect attendance during the California Standards Test (CST) and scholarships for seniors.


What You Need to Know About Program Improvement

The No Child Left Behind Legislation mandates that schools meet certain targets every year. These targets are based on whether the schools are making adequate yearly progress (AYP) towards the goal of bringing 100% of their students at least to academic proficiency by the end of the 2013-14 school year. At South East High, progress in reading/language arts and in mathematics must be shown for all student subgroups, including economically disadvantaged students, Hispanic/Latino students, and English Learners. Performance on the California High School Exit Exam is the main indicator of whether AYP is being met, but graduation rates and the Academic Performance Index (API) also must be included. More information regarding the API will be included in a future issue.

If a school does not meet the target for two years in a row then the school enters Program Improvement Year 1. South East High entered Program Improvement in the 2007-08.


The main function of the council is to implement the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The council also has the responsibility of monitoring the plan and reviewing it with all stakeholders. The council also has the responsibility of developing, approving, and monitoring the categorical budgets. 


The major function of the ELAC council is to advise and make recommendations in writing to the Principal and the School Site Council on implementation and evaluation of the school's Master Programs and services for English Learners (EL). All parents are invited to attend the meetings on the dates listed on the right. 



We hope to see you at all of the events that have been planned for you. You can always stop by at the Parent Center between the hours of 8:15 AM 12:00 PM Monday to Friday. You may also call us at (323) 5683443.

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Parent Events May 2015

Parent Events May 2015