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How it Works

The JAG Program is designed as a grade improvement option for students to improve their grades and to meet A-G college admission targets. In the JAG Program, targeted students attend class for 30 hours, in a structured classroom environment and with the support of their teacher, the onsite Intervention Coordinator, Academic Counselors and/or the A-G Counselors.


Since JAG is a non-traditional course and does not require participants to retake an entire class, students who successfully complete the program will earn a passing grade as determined by the teacher. The final grade will be performance based and will center on in-class assessments and academic growth. 

For questions re: JAG, please talk to your child's Academic Counselor, Ms. Tinajero or Ms. Flores

Flores, Maribel
Assistant Principal, SCS
Gary, Bonilla
Mojarro, Yesenia
Rivera, Linda
Tinajero, Silvia
Intervention Coordinator