School Safety/Discipline

Barragan, Felipe Assistant Principal
Cortes, Juan Assistant Principal
Flores, Maribel (323) 568-3400 Assistant Principal, SCS
Lossada, Vicente C. Assistant Principal
Nunez, Jesus Principal
Tetitla, Blanca Assistant Principal

School Attendance


Students cannot leave the campus until the end of the instructional day without the permission of a parent, an administrator or the health office.

Clearing Detentions Owed For Tardies

Students who owe detention can make them up in several ways

  1. On Wednesdays in the Auditorium during lunch. (Clears 1 Detention)
  2. Campus Beautification through approval by administrator. (Clears 2 Detentions)
  3. Use your Jaguar Bucks. (3 Jaguar Bucks clears 1 Detention)
  4. Other options available per administrator/student arrangement. 

Students with 10 or more detentions owed may be excluded from school extra-curricualr activities.


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Jaguar Pride: Arrive On Time!

Students are expected to arrive to school on time before the 7:30 a.m. tardy bell.

After 3 late arrivals during Period One, students will be assigned one detention by the administration.

Excessive ...more

Electronics Policy

Students who break the Personal Electronics Policy and/or Cell Phone Policy may have the item(s) confiscated and held in the Deans’ Office or by an administrator. Students who do not owe any ...more

Dress To Impress But Avoid The Following

School attire and appearance should not be disruptive to the educational program. Students deviating from the accepted standards are referred to the Dean’s Office for further consequences, including ...more

Child Abuse Reporting

All school employees are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse. If you suspect child abuse, you MUST report it to the appropriate agency and complete the correct form. Refer to LAUSD Bulletin- ...more